Brand Identity

What is a brand? Is it simply your logo, a business card, perhaps a website? Well, that’s why you have me. I will help you not only identify your brand, but I will work with you on defining your brand. Branding is an essential part of business, and as such you should consider… Is your brand recognizable? Is your brand defined? What is your branding strategy? If you can’t answer these questions or feel like you simply need to re-define who you are, I can help. From logo design, business cards, letterhead, to annual reports I do it all.


Once you have a brand established, now is the time to take that brand to market. The only way to do that is to advertise. I specialize in helping to create effective ads that get results. My goal is not simply to create an ad that looks good, but one that will drive business your way. From brochures, pamphlets, direct mailers, banners, billboards, posters, package design, programs, magazine ads, you name it I can do it. If your wondering if your project is something I can do, simply contact me.

Web/App Design

Web and mobile devices are the way of the future. The only way to keep your brand on the minds of consumers is to make sure they can access your information from anywhere at anytime. So if your in need of a website, a re-design or simply a newsletter, I can help. I also design the user experience and interfaces for iOS and Android powered apps. So if your looking to broaden your horizons, then maybe a mobile presence is the way to go.