V Chocolates — Toffee Bars Packaging


V-Chocolates is a local chocolatier who has made a big name for themselves nationally. Since introducing their truffle bars, V-Chocolates has struggled to keep up with massive demand. One element that really makes their chocolate stand out is their unique packaging. When the opportunity arrived for them to put their truffle bars in grocery stores across the Western United States, they came to us to help create mass fulfillment packaging options. One reason for this was the personal touch packaging they were using would not be conducive to meeting their production demands.

Not only did we help automate their packaging process, we updated the design. The end result is reminiscent of their original packaging but has been updated and elevated for the substrate and different flavors.


Client: V-Chocolate
Agency: Saxton Horne Communications
Art Direction: Brian McDonough
Design: Peterson Timothy
Year: 2017