Rituals: Make Gameday Legendary. The Utah Jazz were looking for a campaign that would help honor one of the most loyal fan bases in the NBA. In recent history, the Jazz have lacked the perfect equation that gets fans excited and pushes them to buy tickets and attend games, despite their love for the franchise. However, with this up-and-coming young team, alongside Coach Quinn’s leadership, ticket sales and attendance are up, and season ticket sales are at record breaking levels within the NBA.

With that said, the Jazz were looking to give back to the fans. To tell their stories and highlight what makes Utah Jazz fans some of the best in any sporting league. From moments with the cowboys in rural Utah to the “Pink Ladies” who attend every Jazz game in their pink jerseys so their grandson can pick them out of the crowd—this video was meant to show who Jazz fans truly are and why they are the best. “Rituals” reiterates that no matter where we are from, what we do, or who we are, there is one thing that brings us all together… We Are Utah Jazz.


Client: Utah Jazz
Agency: Saxton Horne Communications
Creative Director: Brooks Briggs
Art Direction / Design: Peterson Timothy
Art Direction / Copywriter: Kara Baxter Clark
Video Production: Saint Cloud
Year: 2015-16
Objective: Give something back to the fans.