Hi-Chew Sours Branding


Hi-Chew has been dominating the soft candy market in Asia for decades and have begun making considerable inroads into the U.S. for several years now. As part of their desire to offer a unique and fun experience for American Candy fans, they have slowly begun releasing new products beyond the basic Hi-Chew flavors.

One of these are Hi-Chew Sours, a tart take on classic Hi-Chew, and one that required different packaging
and a fresh look. Saxton Horne was tasked with creating a dynamic and visually arresting packaging with the thrilling potential of the new flavors.

This involved new logotype, color selection, background layout, and fruity designs. Saxton Horne was up to the challenge, creating less a package for candy than a work of sour-fueled art.


Client: Morinaga North America, Hi-Chew USA
Agency: Saxton Horne Communications
Art Direction: Brian McDonough
Design: Erik DeWaal, Peterson Timothy
Copy: Ryan Croker
Year: 2016