The client wanted to revitalize their current ad, which contained a picture of a chimp holding a mirror. They seemed to like the idea of an animal to help convey their message, but felt the chimp lacked the appeal to the target audience. The solution for this was to find a simple, yet inviting way to get, and keep the audiences attention. To do so a photo of a dog was altered by adding a big “cheesy” smile. I felt that the bigger “cheesier” smile the better.


The client was overwhelmed with how it turned out. The dog has created a buzz in the office, as people come in and mention the “cute little puppy with the big smile” on the billboard. Even clients of Mountain Vista Dental have noticed the “new billboard” even though they have had an ad posted for the past 3 years.


Client: Mountain Vista Dental, Harrisville, UT
Year: 2011
Campaign: “Something to Smile About”
Objective: Photoshop
Software: Photoshop