Enterprise to Kirk

June 13, 2013     / / /

The first annual Salt Lake Comic Con will be this coming September 5-7. Needless to say as a major pop culture, comic, and sci-fi nerd my excitement level has been through the roof. Yesterday it was announced that Captain Kirk himself would be attending. My excitement to meet William Shatner was growing, and I extended a simple invite jokingly inviting Mr. Shatner to join me for lunch. What follows is the conversation between Mr. Shatner and myself.

After this conversation died down, I realized a few things. I was saddened that Mr. Shatner would talk to a fan this way, destroy his hopes and dreams all over a simple nonthreatening invite to lunch. I came to the conclusion that he cares about his fans less than Captain Kirk cared about all the red shirts. Truly a sad day for a fan.

Oh well… Commander Riker, let me know.

UPDATE: Shortly after posting this article, Mr. Shatner again blocked me on twitter. I have also yet to hear back from Mr. Frakes on my lunch invite. Perhaps, it might be time to try Kevin Sorbo or Lou Ferrigno…