July 14, 2014     / /

Nike is Just Doing It Right. Today, Nike officially released an online ad campaign for Derek Jeter. The ad will…


Good Design Is…

June 19, 2014     / / /

Recently, I rewatched a documentary by Gary Hustwit titled “Objectified” on Netflix. This was the first time I had watched…


Graphic Design Resources & Tools

February 4, 2014     / /

Sometimes having a few extra tools or resources in our utility belt is all the difference in spending hours or... READ POST

Top 5 Graphic Design Podcast

November 18, 2013     /

On an average day at the office, I'm in from of my computer for hours, typically with my headphones on.... READ POST

When Less is More, the Art of Minimal Design

September 19, 2013     / /

What is Minimal Design? Minimal design is simply design where the designer's intent is to expose the essence or identity... READ POST

10 Crazy Ads from History

May 31, 2013     / / /

The 1950's through the 1970's were a strange time in advertising. Women were stuck in the kitchen, casual racism was... READ POST

Inspiration vs. Stealing

May 20, 2013    

What is Inspiration? Inspiration: Any art, photography, culture, and designs from different cultures and industries; commonly used to inspire, prompt... READ POST

Importance of Branding Standards

February 19, 2013     / /

Recently, while browsing designs on Dribbble, Hunie, & Bēhance I have noticed a trend that is begging for attention. This... READ POST