Who I am

Lest his name make you think otherwise, Peterson Timothy isn’t the kind of designer who needs to do things twice. He specializes in beautiful design that isn’t afraid to get the job done. He pushes for ideas that are both meaningful and functional. And, bonus—as a born and raised Utahan, he knows what works in the area.

Peterson brings a youthful vibe to the team but don’t be fooled—he’s been around the graphic design block. He currently designs for high-profile Saxton clients like the Utah Jazz and Salt Lake Bees, and previously had his feet in Lead Design and Creative Director’s shoes at Idea Factory and YESCO Outdoor Media.


“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. And what you do serves as the proof of what you believe,”
– Simon Sinek

First introduced to the concept of “Why” rather than “What” from a friend, it all started to make sense. So, why does he do what he does? Why does he design?

The why is simple, Peterson enjoys creating and problem solving. He enjoy making something from nothing. Taking the normal and plain and changing it into something beautiful and effective. What good does it do to design something for “design sakes” if it is not effective? The why really boils down to creating something effective, something that gets results. Because, in all actuality, if the design doesn’t get results is it truly good design?